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All our therapy rooms are all finished to an impeccable standard, having first been soundproofed and then fitted with a video entry system allowing you to control your client access. Every room is furnished differently, some have high quality desks in addition to comfortable armchairs and sofas.


We have the long-term occupancy of 4 entire central London buildings. Once we acquire a building, we invest heavily into refurbishing it with the sole intention of turning it into talking therapy rooms. After more than a decade’s worth of experience we are happy to say that we have finessed a unique composition of sound proofing materials needed to provide both you and your clients with the perfect, containing therapeutic space.

Unlike most providers of talking therapy rooms we do not rent single rooms inside a serviced office. We understand that being in a single-disciplined building solely for the use of talking therapy is the only way to really feel safe and relaxed without the fear of disturbance to your sessions.

Every building has a waiting area for clients and a kitchen for your use. Access to the buildings’ high speed internet access is available at no additional cost.

Our online booking platform provides you with instant access to over 42 rooms across 4 buildings, all dedicated purely to talking therapies.

Terms are flexible with room rental available to hire by the hour, half day, or full day sessions.

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