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Therapy Rooms To Rent In North London

What does Talking Health offer?

A high standard of service

First and foremost, we offer a safe and sophisticated space for therapists to consult with their clientele. Our rooms are tasteful, peaceful, and made with confidentiality in mind. Free Wi-Fi is also available, alongside a multitude of other facilities. For the convenience of both our therapists and their clients, rooms that we provide are located in the most accessible parts of town.

Easy accesibility

We are connected to all local transport networks – our building is a short, brisk walk away from London Bridge railway station. Convenient for commuting, and for getting to your important therapeutic appointments!

Sustainability for various profesionals

In short, we can offer exceptional therapy room rental for psychotherapists, psychologists, and counsellors. Furthermore, we can connect clients with the right therapists for their needs. This removes all of the stress, anxiety and confusion that can often be tied up with finding an appropriate therapist. Seeking help and assistance for your wellbeing should be easy and hassle-free, which is something Talking Health is thrilled to facilitate.

Great workflow

We provide a kitchen that you can have access to, as well as high-speed Wi-Fi at no extra charge. Our rooms are accessible during non-business hours, including weekends, so we provide peace of mind for any urgent or last-minute sessions.

How do you choose the right therapy rooms to rent in North London?

A good therapy room should be a private, safe, and non-judgemental space in which both therapist and client can feel comfortable and valued. Giving your clients the freedom to speak their mind and express their feelings is the truest foundation of therapeutic practice, and this will inform the therapy rooms you rent in North London.

At Talking Health, we make choosing the right therapy rooms simple. This is because we cater to all potential requirements. For example, before renting a room as a therapist, you need to consider several potentially contentious problems:

How accessible do you want your practice to be?

As a therapy room provider, we have multiple different locations across London to ensure our therapists’ clients can easily access their services, no matter where they live and work. Our North London location, exceptionally close to London Bridge, is not limited to one building. The sophisticated therapy rooms we provide can be found across Holborn, Fitzrovia, King’s Cross and Monument. Each exudes a sense of subtle luxury, comfort, and peace.

Are you looking for a short-term or long-term let?

With us, therapists don’t need to sign a binding, long-term let contract – although you can if you’d like to! We are completely flexible to our client base, with our facilities open after hours and during weekends.

What atmosphere do you want your room to have?

Therapy rooms should be comfortable, but how do you want your room to appear? What about the entrance space? At Talking Health, we strive to craft a secure and safe room that can be personalised by each individual therapist. A relaxing waiting room is a standard we always provide, too.

How many clients do you intend to take on?

If you are a therapist with a substantial portfolio of clients, you may require a streamlined service where the management and oversight of your clients’ wellbeing is simple, understandable, and detailed. We streamline everything at Talking Health, from booking clients for sessions to renting rooms. This allows you to see a higher number of patients, without directing your attention to menial tasks.

Rent a therapy room in North London with Talking Health

If you are a therapist looking for reliable, comfortable, and beautiful therapy rooms across North London, look no further than Talking Health. We exist to support you, and your clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will ask you for details including your name, address, email address, phone number, profession, and accreditation membership. We will also ask you if you have full governing body registration and how you heard about us.

Yes, you can. We know that, even if the client will be in their own home when they have their session with you, they will still want to see that you provide a relaxed, comfortable environment even from a distance. That’s why we make our rooms available for telehealth sessions.

Once you have booked the room, both you and the client will be sent a secure and easy-to-use video link, enabling both parties to be directly connected for the session. 

You can be emailed timely updates about room availability, enabling you to book a space even at short notice and shortly after it has been used by another therapist. We can also let you know if we open entirely new rooms — you could be one of the first therapists to use them!

Potential clients of yours will be able to see your professional profile on the website — and as a result, learn such information as what kind of therapy you offer and your background in providing it. Also posted will be contact details which these people will be able to use to ask you any remaining questions they have.

We recommend that you keep a close eye on this website’s blog for our thoughts about what has been happening in the industry.

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